The Jokers – TOUR PRANKS The Jokers – TOUR PRANKS
In this Tour Pranks segment, the rock band, The Jokers, share a prank from the road. You can read their story, after the break.... The Jokers – TOUR PRANKS

In this Tour Pranks segment, the rock band, The Jokers, share a prank from the road. You can read their story, after the break.

The Jokers had a winter tour for the second album, Rock And Roll is Alive we’d planned opening for an American band, that for this story shall remain nameless, we were massively excited about opening for these people as they had risen to the top and earned their stripes as a touring, working band, just like the kinda band we aspired to be.. We were going to watch and learn. Come away knowing the ropes. The what to do the what not to do. And so it started, after the first gig our brand new drummer at the time, also to remain anonymous, helped himself to a massive bottle of vodka belonging to the band and drank the lot through their set. Then falling down completely wankerd outside the stage door. When they discovered something was amiss, it didn’t take a great mind to figure out who the booze thief was. As we all exited the gig over his semi-comatose corpse. The last of the vodka leaving his body through whichever exit it could find .. they wanted revenge.
 The tour went well. We played from the top of the country all the way across and down taking in many legendary venues on the way.
The last gig of the tour was in London. The capital city. We had arrived. We had on the most part, (except for maybe the drummers liver ) made it alive and in one piece.

The night was practically a sellout, friends and fans of ours had turned up. Special guests of the headliners. It was an electric night.
 We stormed through the first half of our set, flawless. We play a song where Paul the guitarist, goes out into the audience to get some crowd reaction and action. 
It was going great. In comes the burly drummer from the American band picks up the diminutive head banging Joker, lifts him up onto his shoulders. The crowd loves it. He takes him down the front of the crowd. They are shouting. He is held aloft and soloing for his life. They cheer! The rest of the band turn out at the side of the stage. Smiling at us, then they are all raising empty vodka glasses in salute as the burly American exits the building with the guitarist still sitting on his shoulders and vanishes into the city streets. The bass player and drummer stood helplessly marking the groove wonder what the hell had just happened. 
He brought him back eventually, and we finished the set all in a good mood, it had been a great couple of weeks.

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