The Maine presents American Candy – REVIEW + GALLERY The Maine presents American Candy – REVIEW + GALLERY
We recently had the opportunity to check out the Chicago date of “The Maine presents American Candy” at Lincoln Hall, with... The Maine presents American Candy – REVIEW + GALLERY

We recently had the opportunity to check out the Chicago date of “The Maine presents American Candy” at Lincoln Hall, with Beach Weather. You can check out our photos and review from the show, after the break.

If you have ever wondered what happened to Nick Santino after A Rocket to the Moon, then rejoice because he is back and along with a few others they have teamed up and formed the band, Beach Weather. I myself didn’t realize this until they took the stage and I was thinking to myself how familiar the frontman looked and sounded. Google confirmed my suspicions and I was a happy camper knowing that Santino is touring again. If you liked his former band, then you will love Beach Weather. Thier songs are perfect to just vibe to. They have an ep out now titled, What a Drag, which is worth checking out. I hope they go on tour again so I can fully appreciate them live next time. During their set they were bantering with the crowd and walking around before the show and after talking with fans and taking pictures. Santino being no stranger to the stage made sure the crowd was pumped and ready for The Maine.

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Once The Maine took the stage, no one was standing around. Of course, performing their album, American Candy in its’ entirety was first on the list. It’s always fun to see them because even though I’m sure they practice before a show or tour, on stage it’s more of a comedy set when they aren’t performing. They will go on random subjects to talk about or put on mini skits. They always seem to get off on tangents from playing music but in a good way. It doesn’t feel annoying or like they are stalling or wasting time. It genuinely feels like hanging out with friends and goofing around. They sort of just wing it and you can tell they are having fun on stage. They always get back to the music though and this time after they finished up American Candy they played old favorites such as “Some Days”, “Right Girl”, “Everything I Ask For” and more. After the show they stayed around to meet everyone and sign/take pictures. Once the venue’s security started telling people to go outside, they went outside too so they could continue meeting with everyone.

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With so many albums out and having done so many tours, if you haven’t seen them live yet, what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket or catch them for free on their Free for All tour.

Information about this review and photos:
Tour – American Candy Tour
Bands – The Maine, Beach Weather
Reviewer/Photographer – Ali Jimenez
Date – Sept. 5
Venue – Lincoln Hall

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