In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the blues band, The Max Tribe, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. The Max Tribe – CRAZY TOUR STORIES

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the blues band, The Max Tribe, talk about some of their crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

One of the craziest nights we had is when we played in the Upper Peninsula in Marquette, MI at Ore Dock Brewery. They tipped us with 3 cases of beer and the brewery manager, Kris, put us up at his place after the show. While we were loading out, this beat up car circa 1982 rolls around the lot. It was Kris. He gets out of the car and starts taking a piss next to his own car! He waves to a friend getting out of a car parked 10 feet away. His friend walked over and starts pissing next to him as they both sang “Somewhere over the rainbow” ushered in by our drummer. EPIC INTRO. Once we were done loading out, we shotgunned an Ore Dock beer and headed for Kris’s house. It was right off of Lake Superior. A super rad house in the woods. He had this dog named ISIS, he said it was a great idea up until 5 years ago and we couldn’t stop laughing. We ordered pizza and Kris made a sandwich with two slices which he shared with ISIS. A few beers and bowls in, we found a BB gun and started shooting targets outside. Eventually, Kris dared our drummer to shoot an empty beer can off the top of his head. We all were like “Ohhh fuck, this isn’t good, wait, let’s think about this” BANG. Sure enough, he hit the can off his head clean. All of the sudden, his “roommate”, a trippy tree dweller who lived in a hidden shack in the woods came into the house for some heat. We all kicked it for a few more hours until it was time for sleep. Kris helped us with two sleeping pads and two hammocks he had hung up in his living room. He insisted on putting a wooden chair directly 2 feet under the neck of our drummer’s hammock…..when he moved the chair, Kris would move it back and in all seriousness say “don’t worry, it’ll be ok”. We let ISIS crash into the room and slept like babies. When we woke in the morning, out of nowhere a pug the same color and fur of ISIS was running all over the room. “ISIS SHRUNK!!” Yelled our Keys player. Such a trippp. We later found out that they stole the pug that morning from a friend who wasn’t a good owner. We had breakfast and hit the road. Right before we left, Kris and all the roommates were trying to give us the dog! We thought about it, but nahhhh! Pugs aren’t the best thing for tour!


We played with this sick punk band in New Orleans at GASA GASA. They were called Gouls. They saw where we were playing in Murfreesboro, TN and told us that it was spooky as helllll. They had played there on their last tour. It was a DIY venue very close to Middle Tennessee State University. When we finally got around to the Murfreesboro date we didn’t know what to expect. We knew it was on a farm so we expected a chill evening in the country. NOPE! It was horrific. SIDE NOTE**The people running the show were super chill and we’re happy to be a part of their DIY space. The stage was outside of this 1800’s farmhouse. There were spooky barns and spider webs all over the farm. We got back from exploring the grounds before our set and there was huge bonfire which was cool. The outside had all good vibes, but when someone had to go in the house to use the bathroom it was another story. The inside of the house had flickering lights and nightmarish filth all over. It felt like you were in a virtual reality horror video game. It had the strongest scent of cat piss and death. NO JOKE. The bathroom looked like a bomb went off and somewhere in the house there were echoes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. We never met anyone who lived at the house, but apparently, it had 8 tenants. No one at the show lived there. Very eerie place. We had friends in town from Nashville and Boston and it turned out to be a fun night in rural Tennessee. On the way back we stopped at a fireworks store to take a leak. They didn’t have a bathroom so we went around back in the woods. When walking back to the car this country lady stormed out and shouted “Y’ALL ARE LUCKY I DON’T CALL THE LAW!!!” ohhh man I love the south.

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