The Ready Set and Outasight Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW The Ready Set and Outasight Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW
We recently attended the Chicago date of The Ready Set and Outasight co-headline tour at The Bottom Lounge. You can check... The Ready Set and Outasight Co-Headline Tour – REVIEW

We recently attended the Chicago date of The Ready Set and Outasight co-headline tour at The Bottom Lounge. You can check out our review after the break.

If you’re looking to dance the night away, then find the venue nearest you where The Ready Set, Outasight, Goldhouse, and Master Shortie will be and go party with them. Seeing them in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge was definitely a show to remember.

Starting the party was Master Shortie. Playing songs from his mixtape, Studying Abroad, he made sure to get the people pumped. Even though there weren’t a lot of people there, his energy made up for it. The crowd was into him and did what he said when he had them repeat ‘Thank You’ during the chorus of his song, “Thank You”. He also had the crowd crouch down with him and jump up. With the people who were there he got full crowd participation. He also brought a surprise for Chicago which was when he left the stage and came back wearing a Chicago Bulls jacket, which the crowd also loved. If Master Shortie were to come back to Chicago, I would not miss the chance to see him again.

Keeping the party rolling was Chicago native, Goldhouse. After seeing him at the same venue, less than three weeks ago, Goldhouse does not cease to step up his game. Starting his set off with “FCK”, and continuing with playing songs such as “Runaway”, “Last One You Love”, “What If” and covers of “(I just) Died In Your Arms” and “Where Have You Been?”. Playing a cover also of “Don’t You Worry Child”, he put on a unicorn mask and began to jump around. He joined in with the crowd as well during his set, jumping around with them. I love that he does this to get closer with his fans. Encouraging the crowd to come to come to his next show in March, he came out after to meet everyone.

Outasight was next and he did not let the hype go down. None stop playing he kept the crowd moving with songs such as “Ready Set Go”, “Shine”, “Figure Eight”, “Now or never”, and he performed a new song that was not on the album but he told the crowd he would DM them, on Twitter, the song if they wanted it. “Be proud of where you’re from” was the message of the song “I’ll Drink to that”. The crowd seemed to really love his performance and cheered very loud when he sang “Tonight is the
Night”. Outasight made sure to make full use of the stage and also came out after to do signings and take pictures.

Before The Ready Set even took the stage, people were already chanting ‘Jordan’. Once they came on stage they wasted no time jumping into their set with “Love like Woe”. Continuing on with “Hollywood Dream”, “Killer”, “Spinning”, “Carry Me Home”, “Stays Four the Same”, “More than Alive” and “Give Me Your Hand”, they kept the crowd moving nonstop. Lead singer, Jordan also played the piano twice during the set before finishing the songs with the rest of the band. He was literally, all over the stage singing and dancing. I know people definitely left the show sweaty and exhausted but in a good way. Afterwards people lined up to meet him and he took the time to take pictures, sign whatever they wanted and meet them.

With all these talented artists under one roof, you are guaranteed a good time. Go to their show, let loose, and have fun.

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The Ready Set and Outasight Co-Headline Tour
The Ready Set, Outasight, Goldhouse, Master Shortie
Ali Jimenez
 February 20, 2013
The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL

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