The Shadowboxers – TOUR TIPS The Shadowboxers – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the soul pop band, The Shadowboxers, give you their tips for being on tour. The Shadowboxers – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the soul pop band, The Shadowboxers, give you their tips for being on tour. You can check out the feature, after the break.

1) Learn how a gas station can turn your whole life around. Sometimes you’re sluggish and struggling to find the energy for the next stop on the tour. You stayed up too late and you got up too early, and you pull into a gas station thinking you’re not gonna make it. Take it into the bathroom, splash some water on your face, maybe you even brush the teeth and re-apply deodorant (maybe), then find yourself a healthy-ish little snack (avoiding fast food is another huge key to the road), and you come out feeling recharged. It’s like Superman’s phone booth if you let it be.


2) Catch zzz’s whenever you can, wherever you can. A good hotel or a full stop for nine hours is often a luxury (especially when you’re touring without a bus and bus driver), so being able to sleep in moving vehicles, in chairs, across multiple chairs, while watching movies, or simply standing up are all incredibly valuable skills.


3) Remember that misery is actually joy in disguise. That way, anytime you find yourself sleeping on a hotel floor in the middle of Kentucky and the air conditioner sounds like Skrillex, you can turn that deep despair into deep delight. It’s easy!!!


4) Travel with good people. This one might seem obvious, but when you start adding people to your touring crew, even more important than if they are good at their job, they have to be a good hang. We recently started touring with some of the best people I’ve ever known and it makes the whole vibe so much better. Even from the hotel floor.


5) Pack enough underwear. The rule I usually follow is days plus 2. You never know when your showers and laundry are coming, so it’s nice to have a little cushion there.

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