In this First Concert Ever segment, the trap metal band, The World I Knew, talk about their first concert ever. The World I Knew – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the trap metal band, The World I Knew, talk about their first concert ever. You can check out the feature, after the break.

My name is Max and I am the drummer for The World I Knew. The first show I ever went to was actually the first show I ever played. It was at a church that had local hardcore shows on the weekends. I played for about 40 high school kids for a band called Says The Hero. My uncle did sound that night, that man had a lot of patience with us and made it a great night. I’ll never forget that night.
-Max Guerrero, Drummer


My first concert was Lifehouse when they were touring on their debut album “no name face.” not very metal but my taste ranges all over the place. they are always amazing live and I have seen em a few times since including last month in Indianapolis with Switchfoot.
-Jared Saleski, Bassist


I think my first concert was Relient K and Nofx at King’s Island. I must have been in about sixth grade at the time and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was with a couple buddies and we had spent the day riding rides, eating funnel cake, another nostalgic day in the making, all of which was just build up to that pinnacle moment when we would finally get to see our favorite band, Relient K, in person. As Matt Thiessen came on stage I fangirled probably more than I’m willing to admit, I knew every word of their songs and was prepared to sing along. But as the show started I realized that I wasn’t prepared at all. It blew my mind when they didn’t play the songs just like the record! They had intros, extended verses, crowd involvement, and I could see that these guys were just having fun, playing music they created, and the audience was having fun with them. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be just like them, I knew I loved music and if I could just do that day in and day out and bring that kind of happiness to people then why do something else?
-Wesley Davis, Guitarist


My first concert was Warped Tour 2012. It was an awesome experience! I had just started getting really into modern metal at the time. Bands like OM&M, Parkway Drive and Born Of Osiris, to name a few of my favorites at the time. I had also just started playing shows with our first band Says The Hero. It was such an awesome day! I mean OM&M, Memphis May Fire, A Day to Remember, Born Of Osiris, Dance Gavin Dance, After The Burial, Attila, and Chelsea Grin in one day! Holy shit it was amazing. The best part was just seeing the crowds and being so close to my idols. I think that was when I decided I wanted to be a serious musician and become one of the guys I was watching on stage.
-Alex Guerrero, Guitarist


The first show I went to growing up was insane forgot what the name of the show but it had winds of plague, for today, despise icon. That night for the first time I got to experience how crazy the crowd was and how everybody was getting into it. But the first show was special to me had a big impact in my life. Open my eyes to see what I want to do in my future and that is being a frontman of a metal band.
-Wesley Merritt, Vocalist

Oct 21 Bethel Road Pub Columbus, OH
Oct 27 The Foundry Concert Club Lakewood, OH
Oct 28 TBA Cincinnati, OH
Nov 11 Alrosa Villa Columbus, OH
Nov 17 The Spillway Bowling Green, KY
Nov 18 Rancho Whitewater, WI
Dec 08 Longhorn Saloon Toledo, OH
Dec 09 The Loft Lansing, MI
Dec 16 The Blue Room Secaucus, NJ
Dec 22 Hoosier Dome Indianapolis, IN
Dec 23 TBA St Louis, MO
Jan 06, 2018 Diesel Concert Lounge Detroit, MI
Feb 02, 2018 Hijynx Fort Atkinson, WI

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