In this Preshow Rituals segment, the synth/dance rock band, Them Guns, share what they do before every show. You can check out their rituals,... Them Guns – PRESHOW RITUALS

In this Preshow Rituals segment, the synth/dance rock band, Them Guns, share what they do before every show. You can check out their rituals, after the break.

Navarone Garibaldi, Frontman & Guitar:
For me, the main thing is not about being technically perfect, it’s more about projecting the attitude of the songs and really getting that across to the audience. So if I have a couple smokes to get my voice to that nice raspy place, or if I’m alone to my thoughts beforehand, it’s all good.

It’s up to me to present the overall mood of the show, whatever space that mood might find me in, that’s most important to me. So if I can get into that place mentally before walking onstage…if I can crawl inside that mindset of how the songs and my lyrics are going to come across, then I’m ready.

Kyle Hamood, Keyboards:
I start out by harassing the sound guy! Just kidding…my pre-show ritual begins immediately with meeting the crew at the venue to get the plan and see how things are going to roll with the event. If we have our own soundman, I’ll make the introductions to the staff onsite to make sure everything starts heading in the right direction. Sound, lights, presentation, I’m obsessed in the best way to get all these things to come out great. My keyboard set-up looks complicated to everyone else, but I pretty much have it down to a science and can run the in-ear monitors (and the wedges) for Nav & Chuck from my laptop.

Once everything locks in and it’s all solid and on the right track, I can’t wait for the show to begin. But I’m a planner and very big on making sure that things all click on the technical side.

Chris Hudson, Drummer:
Coors Light, that’s our favorite ritual, ha ha! The band all appreciate the finer qualities of The Silver Bullet, so if we’re in a good mood we might loosen up with a brew, but nothing too crazy pre-show. As I drummer, naturally I’m going to loosen up with some stretches, lunges, physical stuff – that’s what we drummers do, naturally. I’ll find a quiet space and grab my practice pad and hammer out paradiddles, rolls, etc. Often in the studio or onstage, I’ll play with a click, I have a big “toolbox” of electronics that accompany my kit, so I definitely make sure all that is completely together before we step out. Our live sound is a combination of rock and electronic elements, so it really all goes hand in hand.

Kyle becomes the “Dad” of the group in the best way, before the show. He makes sure there are no (unpleasant) surprises, so we can all be really spontaneous onstage.

Chuck Holiday, Bass & Vocals:
I just nabbed a new Gibson Thunderbird bass, so I’ll be switching off that one with my usual Fender Precision onstage and in the studio. Pre-show, you might find me stretching out a new set of bass strings (Ernie Ball) or generally getting my pedal board together. Nav and I have recently procured some pretty serious pedals and stomp boxes to power the live presentation. I have a Cry Baby Bass wah-wah and numerous other toys and accessories that mess with our sound (in the coolest way).

We’re starting to take our vocals more seriously, it’s just a natural progression so a bit of vocalizing to loosen up is a good thing. But pre-show, I pretty much just make sure everything’s working and try to relax.

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