Tides of Man – TOUR TIPS Tides of Man – TOUR TIPS
Indie Rock band, Tides of Man, has written a set of Tour Tips for us. You can check them out after the break! 1.... Tides of Man – TOUR TIPS

Indie Rock band, Tides of Man, has written a set of Tour Tips for us. You can check them out after the break!

1. The number one rule for touring is to throw all trash in the gulley – 
If you don’t know what the gulley is, it’s that step down in the floor right beside the passenger side doors (you can call it whatever you want: gulley, gutter, or even hernandez). If you follow this rule, all trash will eventually fall out when the doors are opened, ultimately keeping the van nice and clean!
2. The number two rule for touring is to learn how to back up a van and trailer before you start touring –
Just put your driving hand at the bottom of the steering wheel, look in your rearview mirrors, and move your hand the way you want the trailer to turn. It sucks at first, but it gets easier.
3. The number three rule is Taco Bell – 
No question that it is the cheapest, and best late night food out there. Also appropriate for morning, and afternoon. Just get a cup of water and a Beefy 5 Layer burrito for under a buck. (Oh, and make sure your van and trailer can fit through the drive-thru before you start driving in there)
4. Number four is to accept fellow touring bands for who they are –
You may find yourself on tour with about 12 million hardcore bands throughout your existence, which could be a problem if you’re an asshole. Just understand that different people like different music, and that your indie/pop is just as lame to them as their chug-a-chugs are to you (or vice versa). So don’t be so prejudice! The guy with the hair straightener, the guy with the goth paint; all potential best friends if you play your cards right. Because when you don’t play your cards right, you get punched in the face (like I did).
5. The number five rule is earplugs –
If your band is anything like ours, then when the lights go out it turns into a snore-fest. You’ll hear sounds come out of your band mates’ mouths that you would never expect. Couple that problem with excessive drinking and the various sinus infections from constant climate change, and you’ll never be able to get some shut eye. So be prepared with a huge container of earplugs! You can get them at CVS for pretty cheap, and they also come in handy for saving your ears at shows.

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