Tyler James Bellinger – DREAM TOUR Tyler James Bellinger – DREAM TOUR
In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Tyler James Bellinger, reveals who he would want on their ultimate tour lineup. Tyler James Bellinger – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the singer-songwriter, Tyler James Bellinger, reveals who he would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

EMELI SANDE – Emeli Sande has been a constant inspiration for me over the past 4 years, so to go on tour with her would be incredible. I feel like we do similar enough things that it wouldn’t be a weird fit sonically, yet we have different stories to tell artistically. Emeli’s combo of very organic instrumentation matched with songs that demand to be sung is very much in my wheelhouse. I saw Emeli during her first US tour, and I was blown away but the power and emotion in her voice and performance. She’s the epitome of an artist to me, so to be able to open or perform alongside her would be an honor.


KELLY CLARKSON – This may seem like a bit of a weird one, but I’ve always loved Kelly Clarkson since I was a kid. Lots of people like to call her a guilty pleasure, but I’ll be upfront and say she’s my favorite live vocalist. I’ve always taken to female voices more than male voices, and Kelly has the perfect mix of pop sensibility and soulful/bluesy vocals. Also, how the hell can you not sing along to “Since U Been Gone.” I’ve always respected Kelly for really going for it live and singing her ass off. When I first started singing, Kelly was one of the people I looked up to and tried emulating, particularly her range. To share the stage with someone like Kelly would be a dream come true for me, and Id gladly love to duet with her and be sung under the table!


BRANDON FLOWERS – When I spoke with DTB before for my band KNGDAVD, I mentioned the Killers being a dream tour for the band, so it is only right I mention Brandon and his solo efforts in my solo dream tour scenario. Brandon Flowers is my favorite male vocalists and one of my favorite songwriters ever. His second solo album the “Desired Effect ” is one of my favorites and in my open most underrated albums of the last 5 years. I got to see Brandon play a small show in Philly as part of his solo tour, and it lived up to all the hype. His charisma and unique vocal delivery make him one of my favorite artists to listen to. He stays on my playlists consistently. The ability to tour with someone who I think is just so effortlessly cool and in my opinion, a lyrical genius would be unreal.


PRISCILLA RENEA – Lastly, I can’t mention a dream tour scenario without Priscilla Renea. Most of y’all might not know her cus she’s been more of a fixture behind the scenes in music, but you’re denying yourself greatness by not listening to her. Priscilla has written countless hits for other people, but she didn’t come into my view until she released her album “Coloured,” in 2018. Priscilla combines soul and bluesy southern country like nothing I’ve ever heard before… she’s amazing. I often don’t fall in love with full albums anymore and when I heard her new album, I cried. From top to bottom, she’s out writing, out singing, and out emoting every artist on the radio right now. I’m beyond inspired by her, so to share the stage with her would be insane.


Every artist I’ve listed above is someone who inspires my vocally, lyrically, and emotionally. I don’t think a concert is worth going to if you aren’t getting swept away in the story the performer is telling. Each of these artists inspires me to be a better performer and pushes me to work harder and harder at my craft, which is why they would be my dream tour! For good measure, Annie Lennox doesn’t seem to tour much anymore but I’d love to perform and tour with her. Also, Mariah Carey, because duh.

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