Uforia – TOUR TIPS Uforia – TOUR TIPS
In this Tour Tips segment, the hard rock band, Uforia, recommends their advice for being in a band on tour. Uforia – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the hard rock band, Uforia, recommends their advice for being in a band on tour. You can check out their tips, after the break.

1. Be open-minded – If there’s one thing I learned about being on the road, it’s that things will go wrong, plans will change and you can only be so prepared. Having a stubborn or negative attitude will make things worse so get yourself in the right head space for this.


2. Food & snacks – Stock up on healthy snacks whenever you get the chance. Being hungry can put you in a bad mood. When one person is in a bad mood, the whole band suffers. We like to buy lots of nuts, dried fruit, & veggie chips. Bulk Barn is key. For water, we bring a massive reusable jug. NO PLASTIC WRAP or BOTTLES. Save the earth.


3. Choose your vehicle wisely – On our last tour, we were lucky enough to have our van paid for. We grabbed a large Ford Transit. Plenty of leg room for 7 people and tons of storage space for gear. I understand not everyone has the cash or connections to make it happen but it makes a big difference. See if you can raise the money before the tour starts or get sponsored by someone that you can promote on your tour.


4. Content – It’s a good idea to be capturing and releasing content along the way. Let your fans feel like they are a part of the tour. People want to know what’s happening. Content helps build enthusiasm and keeps people engaged. Have the members of the band, or bring along a crew if you can manage that, who are dedicated to social media. We’re lucky to have a videographer and photographer/social media manager who regularly travel with the band.


5. Have fun – Enjoy everything as much as you can. Touring can be a way of tourism. If you have a day off on the road, take advantage of it, and learn more about the city you’re in. Taste the local food, take in the sites, and make new friends every night. At the end of it all, it’s the memories and relationships you make along the way that you keep with you the longest.

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