Uh Huh Baby Yeah – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “The Better Down South Tour” Uh Huh Baby Yeah – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “The Better Down South Tour”
The pop rock band, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, is currently on “The Better Down South Tour” with Lion In The Mane and Dreamcatcher (ex-... Uh Huh Baby Yeah – 3rd ROAD BLOG from “The Better Down South Tour”

The pop rock band, Uh Huh Baby Yeah, is currently on “The Better Down South Tour” with Lion In The Mane and Dreamcatcher (ex- The Dangerous Summer). While they’re on this tour, they will be doing an exclusive blog for our site. You can check out the third entry, with photos, after the break.

When I mentioned in the last tour diary that we received an abundance of complimentary drink tickets during our stint at SXSW, I actually meant we never bought a single drink during our time in Austin.

After our showcases came to a close, and the local Austin towing establishments chased us around several parking lots for a few days, it was on to greener Texas pastures. We had a chance to enjoy a few days off in Houston, where Blake’s father lives. He lovingly opened his doors to us and give us much needed food, shelter, and place to shower. He also provided us with a most triumphant DVD collection to spend countless hours watching.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah - blog 3 - photo 2

If you’re ever in the Houston area, may I recommend checking out BIG TEXAS. There you will find complimentary billiards, $2 margaritas, karaoke, and a lot of Texas-style line dancing. Needless to say fashion wise, we may have stuck out like sore thumbs. But soon, John was hustling on the pool game, Kevin belted some Journey on the karaoke machine, Blake was mixing it up with the local singles, and I may or may not have cut a little rug on the dance floor.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah - blog 3 - photo 1

We were happy to finally get back together with our tour mates after a few days off. The shows have been going well, everyone’s performances have been extremely tight and even higher energy than the last.

After so much debauchery in Texas, we went to New Orleans. The home of vampires, voodoo, Anne Rice, The Pelicans, jazz, jambalaya, and Bourbon Street. It was also Chelsea from Dreamcatcher’s birthday. Needless to say, there were quite a few establishments in which to indulge in a great time.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah - blog 3 - photo 5

Now I’m writing this from makeshift office I have built in the back of the van. We are most definitely in Florida now, which was made even more clear this morning as we spent the first three hours upon waking digging our van out after it sinking in the sand overnight. Thankfully, the dudes in Lion in the Mane helped us muscle the beast from the quicksand. We are very thankful in many ways for having met them.

Uh Huh Baby Yeah - blog 3 - photo 4

Now, we search for food. Today is an off day, with an eight-hour drive to Orlando tomorrow. We are trying really hard to go to Universal Studios. It’s not every day you are in Harry Potter World.

Also, I have decided to change my name from here on out to SMOOTH BRACELETS.

-S. Bracelets, esq.

Keep up with Uh Huh Baby Yeah on Facebook and Twitter! Also, catch them on a date of this tour:
March 7: Smiling Moose – Pittsburgh, PA
March 8: Southgate House – Newport, KY
March 9: Irving Theatre – Indianapolis, IN
March 10: The End – Nashville, TN
March 11: TBA
March 12: Rockhouse Live – Memphis, TN
March 13: Prophet Bar – Dallas, TX
March 14: TBA – Ft Worth, TX
March 15: 502 Bar – San Antonio, TX
March 16: Boneshakers – Corpus Christi, TX
March 17-22: SXSW – Austin, TX
March 22: Mango’s – Houston, TX
March 24: The Beatnik – New Orleans, LA
March 26: Handlebar – Pensacola, FL
March 27: TBA – Orlando, FL
March 30: Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL
April 1: Architect Bar – Raleigh, NC
April 2: U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
April 3: North Star Bar – Philadelphia, PA
April 4: Arlene’s Grocery – New York, NY

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