In this First Concert Ever segment, the electronic artist Verskotzi, talks about his first concert ever. Verskotzi – FIRST CONCERT EVER

In this First Concert Ever segment, the electronic artist Verskotzi, talks about his first concert ever. You can check out the feature, after the break.

On my 16th birthday I drove up to Minneapolis with my friends and we went to see Circa Survive on their AP (Alternative Press) tour.


We got there early because they were doing a pre-show signing, so I took the opportunity to ask a couple questions to the band. When I got to Anthony Green (lead singer) I asked if they ever let fans perform songs on stage with them, which he replied to with a very gracious “not really, dude.”


I told him and the bassist, Nick Beard, that I knew every song off ‘Juturna’ on guitar and that it would be the best birthday present ever if they let me perform with them. They all just sort of laughed it off but said it was super cool that I knew the whole album.


About half-way through As Tall As Lions’ (the opener) set, Circa’s bass player found me in the crowd and told me to follow him back to the green room. My friends were up towards the front of the stage, but I just went with him and didn’t tell them. I was so nervous. When we got to the green room the band was super friendly / excited and Anthony handed me an acoustic guitar. Colin and Brendan, the guitarists, asked whose parts I knew on the album, and I proudly replied, “I know both guitar parts on every song!” They told me to play Brendan’s part on “Wish Resign.” I did, and essentially ‘passed the audition’.


To note, all this time my 3 friends were texting me “Circa is about to go on, where are you!?” Right before “Wish Resign”, Anthony told the crowd, “our friend’s 16th birthday is today and he’ll be joining us for this song”… I ran on stage with a Telecaster, my friends were yelling obscenities at me from the front row, and the song went off without a hitch. Brendan sat on the ground in front of me, hitting all the effect pedals with his hands throughout the song, which looking back, was so kind and sweet of him! At the end of the song, I gave Brendan the guitar back and jumped into the crowd. My 16th birthday was made and it was an insane first concert experience.

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(Photo credit: Joilyn Jackson)

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