In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, VYNYL, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. VYNYL – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, VYNYL, reveals who they would want on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out their picks, after the break.

We have been lucky enough to have played shows/tours with a lot of amazing artists. Before the world shut down we got to play a huge show in Denver’s brand new Mission Ballroom with 3Oh!3, Lil Jon, and Breathe Carolina. From there we went straight to Arizona to join Neon Dreams on a brief tour run only a couple of days before a ton of shows were canceled, which was awesome. Those experiences are some highlights of ours, but we definitely also have some incredible artists on our bucket list. While they aren’t all alive, they’re very representative of our own tastes and how they come together to create our own music.


Andrew Cole, bassist, lyricist: For my dream tour artist, it would defiantly be none other than David Bowie. Bowie has single-handedly changed the face of not only music, with his amazing songs, but also fashion. Going through and seeing his wardrobe would be the epitome of my career — he’s a huge influence on me. Collaborating in both music and fashion would have been life-changing and there is certainly no one better to have mastered both.


John Tyler, lead singer, guitarist, producer: This is gonna be completely out of the rock wheelhouse but I would love to tour with Post Malone. I love his music, the energy that he brings to live shows, as well as the absolutely rowdy crowds. That’s the kind of environment that VYNYL absolutely thrives in. I think we would have a blast and honestly, though we’re different, it would be a surprisingly good fit.


Hunter Heurich, guitarist/producer: My dream tour would be to play around the world with Tame Impala. Kevin Parker is one of my idols and I think our performances side by side would be a fun pairing. It would definitely be an eclectic lineup, but I think it would work well since both VYNYL and Tame Impala have a diverse sound and I think that the fans would eat it up!

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