In this Tour Tips segment, the electro pop band, VYNYL, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. VYNYL – TOUR TIPS

In this Tour Tips segment, the electro pop band, VYNYL, recommends advice for being a musician on the road. You can check out the tips, after the break.

Seriously – keeping yourself hydrated (with WATER, mind you) is incredibly crucial to being on top of your game. Especially in the summertime, playing those festivals and outdoor shows can really take it out of you, and no matter what your role in the band, you’ve gotta be on your game, alert, and ready to melt faces at ALL times.


2. Do a Head Count Before Leaving Town
Think of a tour like a giant, multiple-weeks long field trip. Someone’s off trying to find food, talking to that cute guy or girl after the show, trying to figure out which Wal-Mart parking lot is the least sketchy to park the bus, etc. Make sure everyone is accounted for before moving the group! It seems pretty obvious… until you’re 4 hours away and someone finally asks where So and So is and you have the sinking realization that you just stranded your bassist in a different state.


3. Treat yo’ self (in moderation)
Everyone likes to celebrate after a show well done. Especially in a new city, with new friends offering to buy drinks or show you a good time while you’re in town. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with a celebratory round of shots (or full-strength coffee at 12 am or whatever, for the sober & under 21 crowd). However, sometimes (all the times) taking care of yourself for the long road ahead is more important than slamming 12 shots to the face and waking up the next day feeling like an extra from The Walking Dead.


4. Pack the Snacks
If you’re trying to make money last on a tour, stopping for tacos or fast food every time you’re hungry will quickly drain that hard-earned cash you’ve been saving up for the trip. PLUS, fast food offers little to no nutritional value to your diet – Do yourself a favor and pack your favorite snacks and lunches (Lunchables are always a power move) to make that cash last.


5. Write, Write, WRITE!
A change of scenery and riding high on the energy of playing new towns combined with meeting new people is bound to spark creativity – tons of famous artists have written some of their best work on the road, and for good reason. The adventure of being on the open road, with the world at your fingertips yields heavy doses of inspiration – capture that lightning in a bottle while the experiences are still fresh.

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