Whitney Peyton – TOUR TIPS Whitney Peyton – TOUR TIPS
This new set of Tour Tips was written by the hip hop artist, Whitney Peyton. You can check out her tips for being on... Whitney Peyton – TOUR TIPS

This new set of Tour Tips was written by the hip hop artist, Whitney Peyton. You can check out her tips for being on the road, after the break.

Don’t stage dive if people aren’t feeling you! – luckily (knock on wood) I have a good record with crowd surfing. I can really feel out the audience and their energy and know when it’s cool to be jumping on people, but I’ve seen enough opening acts on tour fail miserably. If you see a gap in the crowd don’t jump towards that side or if people don’t have their hands up and look super into raging it’s probably not going to end well for you. Hope you have good health insurance bro!

Don’t assume all women are groupies – When I’m on tour if people haven’t heard of me yet they see me walk off of a tour bus or van and assume I’m some groupie. I know this because I’ve had enough people tell me or ask me (yes people are ballsy). There are more and more female artists on the come up.. hell my Tour Manager that comes out with me is a chick (also a very good audio engineer). See the lanyard? This means we’re on the tour. Now go make me a sandwich.

Bring wrinkle release spray- I live by this. I spray my merch displays with this and also my clothes for the show, because being put in bins and suitcases and carried around in and out of cars and trailers all day everyday.. shit gets wrinkled!

Be nice to the sound guy/girl – I make it a habit to introduce myself to the sound engineer at the venue every night. You want the sound person to like you because you want them to give a damn about your set! You could be the best rapper of all time, but it won’t matter if the sound is whack. It’s the same rule as if you’re at a restaurant… you never piss off someone who handles your food… so you also never piss off someone who handles your sound!

Bring baby wipes – this doesn’t need an explanation — just do it.

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