In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, WØLVES, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup. WØLVES – DREAM TOUR

In this Dream Tour segment, the pop rock band, WØLVES, let you know who they would like on their ultimate tour lineup. You can check out the feature, after the break.

Marc Avery (Lead Vocals)
My dream tour would be the musical equivalent to the Golden State Warriors, ha! First, I would have to go with Bruno Mars. He can do no wrong musically and his performances are off the charts! He knows exactly how to connect with everyone in the room, and leaves you in awe after every show. Next, I have to go with Coldplay and U2. They are both legends in my mind (especially U2) and have been doing it for such a long time at such a high level. Each and every time they go on tour they not only rock your socks off, but their set design is phenomenal! Lastly, since it’s a dream tour I have to go with Beyonce and Rihanna. Both of these ladies bring so much to the table, and their body of work is remarkable. As far as I’m concerned, Beyonce is the female version of Michael Jackson, and even though she doesn’t play any instruments, Rihanna brings the sex appeal like Prince did. The main reason these acts would be on my dream tour is that they all have YEARS of hard work, dedication, and experience. I’d love to be backstage taking notes every night and sharing the same stage with them. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch Rihanna every night?


Sean Carney (Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals)
I tell you what, Queen circa 1985 would be number one for me. Queen had enjoyed an incredible career and made an unexpected comeback by playing a 20-minute set at Wembley Stadium for Live Aid. That performance at Live Aid was arguably the biggest rock concert in history and they absolutely crushed it from every angle. Second off, I’m DYING to see Daft Punk live, as are all their fans. I’ve been following them from the start and I can’t get enough of their original sound, vibe and their ingenuity of how they approach music creation. I think a Daft Punk concert featuring WØLVES would be an event of epic proportions! I’d also have to put Steel Panther on the bill too. These guys are on this list because, in addition to being accomplished musicians and masters of their craft, they seem like goofy dudes who would be fun to hang with and clearly know how to party.


Rockwell Sands (Drums/Guitars/Keyboards/ Vocals)
I gotta throw Twenty-One Pilots in the mix. These guys have had such a breakout past couple of years, and they are working at the level that we aspire to reach for our band. It’s been so inspirational to watch them achieve total world domination, especially since there aren’t a lot of bands out there killing it right now. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while, and I’ve heard they put on the craziest show ever! Shakira would definitely HAVE been part of the tour…honestly, just so I could get an excuse to look at her every night, haha. Lastly, I’m going to have to put the Chainsmokers in there. It’s not like our music is similar to theirs (at all), but those afterparties would be insane! Those guys seem to really know how to rage their faces off.

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