Yellowcard Fall Headline Tour feat Every Avenue – REVIEW Yellowcard Fall Headline Tour feat Every Avenue – REVIEW
Yellowcard’s Fall Headline tour brought them to the House of Blues in Chicago. With them came Every Avenue and Go Radio. You can check... Yellowcard Fall Headline Tour feat Every Avenue – REVIEW

Yellowcard’s Fall Headline tour brought them to the House of Blues in Chicago. With them came Every Avenue and Go Radio. You can check out our review after the break!

In the heart of Chicago the long awaited Yellowcard come back tour came to House Of Blues on October 22nd, 2011 with the very talented support of Every Avenue and Go Radio.  Go Radio, formed by former member of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster, touring their first full length studio album released in March of 2011 and had the know how of a veteran band and the energy of a band taking their first step on to a sold out HOB stage. Every Avenue, a band that who has been recording EPs and full lengths since 2004, took control of the whole venue having sing along from the three floors of HOB. Finally the headlining band Yellowcard hit the stage hard playing a few songs off their new album that even the Ocean Avenue fans were getting into.

I was very excited to hear what Go Radio had to offer being the show starter. They did not disappoint being one of the most energetic bands I have ever seen before. With Jason on lead vocals and guitar it wasn’t his first rodeo getting the crowd into every note played. The other guys in the band on guitar, bass and drums did not leave an inch of that stage untouched moving around exciting the crowd with every strum and snare hit. The first crowd favorite played was “Any Other Heart”. Starting off with those catchy lyrics one is used to from Lancaster, guitar palm muting and falling bass lines. As soon as the drums came in the whole crowd was jumping with the rest of the band and singing louder than the sound system could keep up with. With a few other songs played off of their earlier EPs the crowd was waiting for the bands newest hit “Goodnight Moon”. With the music video just released two days before the show the crowd erupted in excitement as soon as the piano started off the song. The drum rolls kept the fans belting out in rhythm with the sweet sounding vocals. With one full studio album under their belt, Go Radio is one band that I am excited to follow and see what direction they take the fans.

The next band took the stage in no time demanding respect. Every Avenue, with three EPs and three full-length albums, played a nice mix of songs off of each. So many drum and bass driven songs and catchy hooked lyrics pleased every ear in the venue. The impression I got was a band that was writing songs from their hearts that makes the crowd want to dance and sing along. “Where Were You” is a great example of that. To close out their set Every Avenue played what seemed to be their most know song “Tell Me I’m A Wreck”. Which got the crowd jumping and making the foundation of HOB move all the way up to the third floor balconies. With their latest studio album out last August, this band is proving they deliver only their best rocking, foot tapping, sing along pop rock ballads.

A band that has been around for just under 15 years, with now eight releases knows exactly what to do as soon as the curtain goes up. Yellowcard, with the fan base of everyone from their 30’s who saw them on their first Warped Tour appearance to new fans who are just learning what that useful power chord is that Yellowcard knows how to use so well. They had such a professional apperiance on stage yet having just as much fun playing a basement show back in Florida where they started. One thing you could help giving your full attention to was how smooth and comfortable the drummer was hitting every tom and cymbal with perfect timing. With the fast pace rhythm of the guitars and sweet compliments of the violin Yellowcard is known for, I’m sure if you didn’t know who they were you are searching the internet now for songs off everything from the album “Ocean Avenue” that really put them on the map to their newest album “When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes”. After owning the venue with three songs right into each other Yellowcard let everyone know they couldn’t be happier to be back on stage and touring their newest album, which they have recorded a mirrored album but acoustic that is only available right now on tour. I personally am happy to Yellowcard back on the road and writing music again. Even though they haven’t changed their sound that much from album to album they have stayed true to a sound only they can create that the fans are always begging for more.

This tour will go down in many people memories of an unforgettable show. Three bands that know exactly how to catch the attention of every body in the venue is something I feel is rarely seen and heard. Yellowcard, Every Avenue and Go Radio are hitting the pavement hard this fall and I am sure with every show gaining new fans and boosting record sales like no other. I will leave you with a song to check out from each band off their new records that will make you want more. Yellowcard’s “Hang You Up”, Every Avenue’s “Mindset”, and Go Radio’s “Forever My Father”.

Information about the review…
Tour: Yellowcard Fall Headline Tour
Bands: Yellowcard, Every Avenue and Go Radio
Reviewer: Dustin Smith
Date: October 22, 2011
Venue: House Of Blues in Chicago, IL

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