Sven Dirkschneider (of U.D.O. + Dirkschneider) – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 111 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters”, Sven Dirkschneider, the drummer for the heavy metal band, U.D.O., shows off the gear that he uses onstage. U.D.O. is best known for their songs “I Give As Good As I Get” and “Leatherhead”.

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U.D.O. + Dirkschneider – BUS INVADERS Ep. 1126 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Bus Invaders”, we take you inside the touring vehicle of the metal band, U.D.O. and Dirkschneider.

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Sven Dirkschneider (of U.D.O. and Dirkschneider) – PRESHOW RITUALS Ep. 286 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Preshow Rituals”, the metal drummer, Sven Dirkschneider (of U.D.O. and Dirkschneider), talks about what his bands do before taking the stage.

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Swallow The Sun / Kreator / Accept / Blackguard North American Tour
Swallow The Sun has announced the Teutonic Terror Attack 2012 with Kreator, Accept, and Blackguard. You can check out the dates after the break. Read more