Eyes Set To Kill Added As Direct Support for H.I.M. North American Tour
Eyes Set To Kill has been added as direct support for H.I.M.’s upcoming North American tour. You can check out the dates, after the break. Read more
Awaken the Empire – 1st ROAD BLOG from their “West Coast US Tour”
Awaken the Empire is on their West Coast U.S. Tour with Eyes Set to Kill. While on the road they will  be doing periodic blogs for us. The first one can be read after the break.  Read more
The Horror Nights Tour feat Aiden – REVIEW
On The Horror Nights tour featuring Aiden, they came to the Bottom Lounge in Chicago. With them came Eyes Set To Kill, Vampires Everywhere!, Get Scared, and Dr. Acula. You can check out our review after the break.  Read more
Eyes Set To Kill – BUS INVADERS Ep. 16
In this episode of Bus Invaders, the members of Eyes Set To Kill give you a tour of their van and talk about a few illegal things they recently discovered. You can watch the video after the break. Read more