Mitchell Davis / LiveLavaLive – CRAZY TOUR STORIES Ep. 1 [VIDEO]
Welcome to our new video series, Crazy Tour Stories, where artists share their craziest stories from the road! The inaugural episode features YouTubeer, Mitchell Davis of LiveLavaLive, sharing a story about an epic #2, filmed at this year’s Playlist Live. You can watch the video, after the break. Read more
Alex Carpenter – BUS INVADERS Ep. 330
Alex Carpenter might be a name you’re not familiar with, but he is and has been making waves in the Youtube scene since 2007. This spring we caught up with Alex while he was touring through Chicago at the House of Blues on his tour supporting the Youtube duo,... Read more
Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert (of livelavalive) – BUS INVADERS Ep. 302
In this episode of Bus Invaders, Mitchell Davis and Kyle Sibert give you a tour of their bus, show you their “closed quarters”, and tell you what TV shows they like to watch. Mitchell also shows you his bunk that he is really proud of. You can watch the... Read more
The Dial Up Tour featuring LiveLavaLive – REVIEW
The Dial Up tour featuring LiveLavaLive came to the House of Blues in Chicago. With them came Meekakitty, Nanalew, Alex Carpenter, Jason Munday, and Olan Rogers. You can check out our review after the break!  Read more