Land Phil (of Municipal Waste & Cannabis Corpse) – TOUR PRANKS Ep. 383 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Tour Pranks”, the heavy metal musician, Land Phil (of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Iron Reagan), reveals the pranks that have been pulled on tour, while he was on tour with Psycroptic, Gorod, and Micawber.

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Hyborian – BUS INVADERS Ep. 1302 [VIDEO]

On this episode of DTB’s “Bus Invaders”, we take you inside the touring vehicle of the rock/metal band, Hyborian, while on tour with Weedeater and Bask. Hyborian is currently supporting their debut album, Vol. 1.

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Hate Eternal’s Erik Rutan – GEAR MASTERS Ep. 39 [VIDEO]
On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters”, the death metal band, Hate Eternal, shows off the gear that they use onstage, while on tour with Vital Remains, Black Fast and Inanimate Existence. Hate Eternal is best known for their songs “The Victorious Reign” and “Bringer Of Storms”. You can... Read more