Sadie & Korie Robertson Make Seven Layer Taco Dip – COOKING AT 65MPH Ep. 24
On this episode of DTB’s “Cooking at 65mph”, Sadie and Korie Robertson (from Duck Dynasty), prepare a seven layer taco dip, while on “The Live Original Tour 2016” with Family Force 5 and Love & The Outcome. You can watch the video, after the break. Read more
Sadie Robertson Announces the U.S. “Live Original Tour 2016”
The motivational speaker, Sadie Robertson (star of Duck Dynasty), has announced a U.S. tour, called the “Live Original Tour 2016,” for September and October. Family Force 5 and Love & The Outcome will be joining the tour, as support. You can check out the dates, details and poster, after the break. Read more